Home Renovations to Complete Before You Sell Your Home

Properties are still rapidly gaining value in 2022, but there's talk of an economic bubble bursting at the beginning of 2023. If you want to sell your home at the value it's currently at; it's vital that you get ready to sell as quickly as possible. 

These are five upgrades that will help you sell and give you the chance to connect with buyers and make more money off of your home.

1. Update the Details in Your Kitchen

Kitchens are a big deal, so it's vital that you do everything you can to make it alluring: but avoid a big kitchen remodel. Minor kitchen remodels bring in a larger return on investment and allow you to save some money along the way. Consider making changes like adding touchless kitchen faucets, painting the cabinets, and replacing the dishwasher: but don’t go much further than this.

If you do have to do a full kitchen renovation because it's outdated by over twenty years, it's a good idea to remember the 10% rule. Avoid spending more than 10% of your property's value in any one room of the home to keep yourself from heading into major losses.

2. Pressure Wash Your Home’s Exterior

Dust, dirt, and pollen are a natural part of living in a home: but they don't have to be a natural part of the exterior of your home. Rent a power washer (they average between $50 to $80 for a day) and power wash the exterior of your home. This will knock away debris, dirt, sand, and dust and allow your home to shine. Avoid spraying up into wood shingles or under siding since this can damage your home in the long run. 

Pay attention to your walkways and driveways as well while pressure washing.

3. Change Out Your Windows and Doors

Your windows and doors are a big deal because they decide how well your HVAC system works: and that can be the difference between a $100 and $300 power bill every month.

Look into how to keep heat out of windows, and check your windows and doors for any leaks. You can do this by carrying a lit candle from window to window and door to door and watching the flame. If it flickers strongly in any one direction, that means there's a flow of air going into or out of your home. 


Take the time to either look into repairing old windows or replace the window or door entirely. This will allow it to be a far more energy-efficient property.

4. Create Shaded Outdoor Spaces

The difference between shaded and unshaded areas outside in the summer can be as much as twenty degrees! Create a cool spot where buyers can picture themselves enjoying the outdoors instead of leaving your home’s exterior as it is. Look into front porch ceiling ideas to keep it visually interesting, and add furniture and succulents to add visual intrigue to the porch.

Consider repainting your door while you're at it to give the entire front of your property a fresh and beautiful look.

5. Allow Your Ceilings to Look Higher

High ceilings are a good idea to allow the ceilings to look higher and more spacious. You can do this by adding details that guide the eyes upwards and towards the ceiling, like long curtains that are higher above the window, or looking into how to put crown molding on cabinets

These changes ensure that your home looks and feels larger and more spacious without you having to actually deal with the heat of a tall ceiling. Buyers will love the illusion even if they don't know what's happening.

6. Mistakes to Avoid

When you're upgrading your home, it's vital that you take the time to complete as many upgrades as you can: but don't let yourself waste money. There are some upgrades that won't add any value and will end up needlessly costing you.


One of the largest issues is many people think that adding a pool will help their home’s value, and although it does add money to the value: it doesn’t recoup the cost of building the pool and filling it with water.


Another issue some people in making before selling is thinking that they have to add a green lawn and a watering system. Natural lawns are becoming far more popular because of their reduced climate impact and their fun and different look. Consider creating a native plant and stone lawn instead.

6. Upgrade Your Home and Sell It For Far More!

Although any upgrade should be calculated for the best return on investment: leaving your home as it is might be the worst mistake. Consider updating your home to boost your profit soon. Or if you’d prefer to not make any repairs and sell your house as fast as possible, you could get a cash offer today from Callinan Properties.

Chuck Waltman is a contributor to Innovative Building Materials. He is a blogger and content writer for the real estate industry. Chuck is focused on helping fellow homeowners, contractors, and architects discover materials and methods of construction that increase property value, maximize energy savings, and turn houses into homes.