Simple tips for Fall Decorating

If you are anything like me, then fall just might be your favorite time of year, it’s when we begin to decorate for the holidays, family and friends gather often or maybe this is the time you take to snuggle up in a blanket for some “me” time.

We thought we would share some fun stress-free ways to make this year’s decorating a breeze.

If you normally display a lot of accessories and pillows then you might want to put some of them away as you bring in your holiday decor. One idea is to use the holiday storage containers to store your everyday décor as you bring out holiday items, making it much easier to put away during the holidays.

You can keep it simple by not trying to redecorate the entire home just for the holidays, to do this well I would reframe from making it too themed and staying away from the traditional holiday patterns and colors. I could consider purchasing holiday décor in neutral colors or metallic for a more festive feel. And I just love decorating pumpkins and they come in a wide variety of colors these days. I would suggest pulling out colors in your artwork or rugs.

You can add in colors such as burnt orange, ivories, and moss greens for a subtle hint of the season or if you want a more dramatic look you can incorporate navy blues and coppers, or for fun add in décor with a little blush and rose gold.

Instead of doing it all yourself you could have a potluck decorating party with your family or close friends. They can bring a favorite dish or create a “Baked potato bar” for a simple dinner option and have fun sharing memories while “decking the halls” together in a fun relaxed environment.

Another idea is decorating with larger items instead of a lot of smaller pieces. And if you get a jump start on purchasing your holiday gifts, they pick up a several wrapping papers that coordinate well with what you plan to decorate with and interchanging ribbons, you can utilize your wrapped presents as part of your holiday decorations. I love doing this, I wrap presents to match the colors holiday decor and place them through the entry way, formal living and family rooms.

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