Top Design Element of Professional Home Stagers

A Top Design “Trick” Professional Home Stagers Use to Sell Homes

Whether you are a realtor or homeowner looking to sell a home, you know there are steps you must take to prepare it for market. Your best bet for getting the home sold quickly and for top dollar is to transform it into a home that others see themselves living at. You can hire a professional stager to do this for you, or you can use some of their techniques and transform the home yourself. So, what do professional home stagers know and what do they do to help sell homes?

Let’s find out.
Why is Staging Important?

Professional home stagers know that a well-staged home makes an impact on how soon and how much the home sells for. Check out these statistics from the National Association of Realtors:

  • 95 percent of buyer’s agents say that a well-staged home impacts the buyers view of it.
  • 28 percent of buyers overlook the home’s flaws when it is well-staged.
  • 12 percent of real estate agents say that staging increases a home’s dollar value by 11 to 20 percent!

So, it makes perfect sense to stage a home, right? Now, you know that giving it a designer look is key to making the home attractive. But what you may not know is this top design element that professionals use to help to sell homes.

A Favorite Design Trick of Home Stagers:

Yes, home stagers use all sorts of candles and décor. They group accessories by threes. They bring in rugs to soften hard floor surfaces. They may change out the bedding and drapes or rearrange the furniture so rooms feel bigger. And of course, they remove family photos and other personal items from the walls. However, once the walls are bare, they can’t leave them like that. Unlike coffee tables and shelves, walls are always in sight. And if they are bare, the house feels bare. So, one thing that is crucial is artwork. And a favorite type of artwork to use is canvas prints to stage a home.

Why Use Canvas Prints to Stage a Home?

Canvas prints are a favorite choice amongst professional home stagers for several reasons. First and foremost, they fill the empty walls. Once you remove all the personal photos and mementos, the home can feel bare and sterile. You need something to add interest and color, especially if the colors in the home are neutral, which they often are for staged homes.

Yes, this interest could be achieved with other forms of art as well, and sometimes it is. But, canvas prints offer some benefits that other types of artwork do not. For example, they are lightweight. Because they are lightweight, it is easy to transport them and it is easy to hang them without causing too much damage to the walls.

Another reason that canvas prints are a popular choice is that they can easily blend into various styles of décor. When you choose artwork with frames, you must commit to a style – modern, traditional, contemporary, etc. Home stagers like canvas prints because they can use them in a variety of homes with different styles and they still look good.

Canvas prints are also relatively inexpensive compared to framed artwork. So, whether you own the home and want to stage it, or you want to use the artwork for multiple homes, it is a small investment that can potentially yield a substantial return.

Use What Works.

So, when you are ready to sell a home and need to stage it, why reinvent the wheel? Go with what works to create a well-staged home. Clear personal belongings, keep it neutral and create your “pop” of color and interest with accessories and beautiful canvas prints on the walls. Canvas prints are a great design element that many home stagers use, and they can be yours too.

Article written by Stacey Baliff of #CanvasPress for #TheLuxuryLook